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Foundations of
Humane Technology

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Build human capacity to meet the challenges of our time.

From extreme weather to growing inequity, humanity is facing catastrophic and even existential risks. We can choose whether the technology we build will accelerate these challenges or help build the capacity to meet them.

Foundations of Humane Technology will prepare product teams to create technology that treats attention and intention as sacred, protects well-being, minimizes unforeseen consequences, and ultimately builds our collective capacity to address the most urgent challenges facing humanity.

Essential for anyone developing for impact.
- Premal Shah, Co-Founder of
If you want what you build to last, you need to create technology that's built from trust and humane.
- Jonathan Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks

Foundations of Humane Technology is designed to help you and your product team be:



Explore unexpected ways your team can impact the critical challenges facing our civilization, from climate change and rising wealth inequality to the global epidemic of social isolation. Get clear on your values, and refine a sense of purpose that will attract top talent and provide resilience in times of conflict.


Learn concrete practices to help shift your team towards a humane model of value creation, from designing to meet human psychological needs to powerful reflective questions that build a humane product culture.



Access a community of thousands of professionals working to build humane products. Join online conversations and regular events to connect with peers grappling with similar issues. Join a broader humane technology movement where you can find your next hire, influence public policy, and track industry trends.

About the Course

Foundations of Humane Technology:

  • Is designed for people building software that engages with human attention
  • Consists of 8 modules which average about one hour each to complete
  • Can be completed at your own pace
  • Includes regular convenings to discuss course content, connect with others building humane technology, and learn from experts in the field
  • Rewards a credential upon completion that can be shared with colleagues and prospective employers.
  • Is available at no cost to you

Foundations of Humane Technology is made possible by the generous lead supporters of the Center for Humane Technology. Support for this course was provided in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

Course Modules

Setting the Stage

What challenges define this moment in history and how can the technology we build help to address them?

Abstract illustration of two people talking
Creating Shared Understanding

How can technology engender the trust and understanding we need to solve complex problems together?

Statue of a human with brain outlined
Respecting Human Nature

How can technology work in harmony with the vulnerabilities and biases with which all humans have evolved?

Sign with inequality symbol
Narrowing the Gap

How can technology address inequity and practically integrate voices of people who experience harm?

Water drop creating ripples
Minimizing Harmful Consequences

What economic forces affect products, and how can product teams help address and reduce harmful externalities?

Hand holding a light with a subtle picture of a human brain
Helping People Thrive

How can products help people act in alignment with their deeper intentions, rather than optimizing for engagement?

Person standing on a picture of a compass
Centering Values

How do the conditions of our lives shape our values? How might product development be informed by metrics but centered on values?

Ready To Act

How can we create a culture of humane technology inside of our workplaces and broader industry?